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A Vision for Wyoming

Wyoming is home to a vibrant community with small businesses, a great school district and a natural beauty. Our city is full of civic-minded leaders who succeed by adopting best practices in their daily lives.

Dan and his family moved to Wyoming for those very reasons: the schools, the walkability and the wonderful community. Dan is committed to maintaining those vital priorities for this unique city by working with professionals at the city government to adopt or maintain best practices.

Commitment to Community

Wyoming is renown for its walkability and pristine local business district. Dan is committed to maintaining that community fabric by leveraging his knowledge of city planning and working closely with city professionals.


Commitment to Diversity

From Dan's extensive experience on numerous boards and commissions, Dan has seen firsthand best practices to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. The recent DEI study produced by our fellow Wyoming residents has shown a desire for our residents to enhance our commitment to all three: diversity, equity and inclusion.


Commitment to Education

Dan will commit to ensuring the municipal government does everything it can to fully support one of our communities main pillars. Our children are our future. Therefore, our schools deserve all the support they need.

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